About Us

Why Was Bailbond.com Created ?

A group of entrepreneurs had a vision of creating the premier portal for the Bail Bond Industry. They believed there was a need for bail bondsmen to have a site dedicated to their business needs. These entrepreneurs assembled a team of highly qualified programmers, graphic designers, and internet marketing experts to create Bailbond.com.

The intent of the site is to provide the most accurate information possible to both the general public and members of Bailbond.com. Some of the services provided include:

  • National directories for bail bondsmen, criminal lawyers, and private investigators.
  • Directory for members only of fugitive recovery agents and attorneys that specialize in the bail bond industry – both forfeitures and real estate issues.
  • Links to site that are relevant to the bail bonds industry.
  • A forum to discuss topics relevant to the industry, list classifieds, notify forum members of pending legislation, listings of fugitives, plus many more.
  • General information on how bail works, a glossary of bail related terms, and the steps to take when you are informed of the bail amount.

Databases at Bailbond.com

Bailbond.com provides the consumer with free nationwide databases that search our internal resources for bail agents, bail bonding, bail bondsman, bailbonds, bondsman, bondsmen, bailbonding, criminal lawyers, and private investigators in an effort to assist in that person’s time of need. This site will help any person who has been arrested locate a bail bonds person to write a bail bond, either municipal, county, state, federal or immigration bonds; and locate any jail, any circuit court, county court and/or appellate court. Bailbond.com will also assist the bail bondsman locate a fugitive by utilizing our member’s only database to locate a fugitive recovery agent, bounty hunters, or bail recovery agent. Our database of bail agents, bail bondsman, bondsmen, criminal lawyers, fugitive recovery agent, bounty hunters, and bail recovery agents will be able to help arrange to post all types criminal bonds, traffic bonds, DUI, drug bonds, domestic violence, fugitive warrants, probation violation, assault and battery or any other criminal charge. Our listings will also help if you need a civil bond, corporate surety bond, juvenile bond, visa bond, immigration bond or child custody bond.


Bailbond.com provides and maintains a monitored forum (a/k/a chat room and bulletin board). The purpose of the forum is to give the bail bond industry an opportunity and a place to express, discuss and communicate in a manner that is both positive and beneficial to the bail industry for the betterment of the bail industry anything about bail, bail bonds, bail bonding, bail bondsman, and/or bondsmen. We welcome opinions and information from all contributors including attorneys, criminal defense lawyers, Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Judges and Magistrates (Municipal, County, State, Federal, Circuit and Superior Courts), Clerks of Court, Department of Corrections, Public Defenders, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, Paralegals, Private Investigators, Fugitive Recovery Agents, Bounty Hunters, Bail Recovery Agents, Jailers, all court personnel (Circuit, County and Appellate), all Law Enforcement Sheriffs and Deputies, Police Personnel, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Customs, Department of Immigration & Naturalization Services (INS), Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA), Assistant State Attorney (ASA), District Attorney (DA), Prosecutors, US District Court Judges, Fugitive Recovery Agents, Personnel, Lobbyists, Legislators, Congressman, U.S. Senators, News Media Reporters, Last but not least Bail Bondsmen, Corporate Sureties, Property Bondsmen, General Agents, Insurance Companies or any other person having useful constructive and or informative information for the Bail Industry.

Forum discussion topics will include bail news, Appellate Decisions, Past and Pending Bail Legislation, Pre-Trial Release Programs, GPS Monitoring,Job and Careers for Bondsman, Skip Tracing, Legal Opinions, Bail Studies, Marketplace to Broker Bail Bonds, Bail Classifieds, Businesses For Sale, Announcements of Bail Schools, and Meetings of Bail Associations (National, State and Local). We always welcome additional topics (subject to approval).

Links Section

Bailbond.com has an extensive links section to provide quick and easy access to over 5,000 websites. Some of these links are directed to Sheriff Departments, Police Departments, Wanted Fugitives, Courthouses, State Attorneys, District Attorneys, Prosecutors’ Offices, Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Judges, Municipal, State, County, Circuit, State and Federal Superior Courts, Federal Magistrates or U.S. District Court Judges. Additional links to Departments of Insurance, Departments of Corrections, Bail Bonds Associations (national and local), Bail Bond Laws, Bounty Hunter Laws, FBI Most Wanted Lists, background searches, and a store to purchase items related to the bail and fugitive recovery industries.


Bail BondsBailbond.com’s goal is to educate the consumer so they have the ability to make an educated decision regarding their own situation. Bailbond.com will give them guidance in making choices by giving consumers assistance in finding a bail bond agent that accept any combination of EZ payment plans, personal checks, no collateral required, collect calls, credit cards, instant credit, bail reductions, jail information, pre-trial release, recognance bond, 10% bond, personal recognize bond, Nebia hearing assistance, and other options.

Hours of Operation

All services at Bailbond.com may be utilized at any time day or night. Technical assistance for Bailbond.com is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Bail Bond Industry’s #1 Portal, Bailbond.com , a National Directory of Independent Bail Bondsmen, Criminal Lawyers & Private Investigators (PI’s) will be maintained and updated daily. The database will assist you in locating a bail agency, bail agent, or bail bondsman by selecting the city, county, or zip code (also for immigration or Federal Bonds).

Refund Policy

All purchases at Bailbond.com are non-refundable. Should you feel that your purchase was not as presented at the time of the sale, please email support @bailbond.com within fifteen days of the initial purchase (or receipt of merchandise) explaining the reason(s) you are requesting the refund and the detail(s) of the purchase (including the date, amount, product purchased, etc). Any refunds given (and the dollar amount) will be at the sole discretion of management at Bailbond.com.